Biomimetic Implants


AVINENT committed to an ambitious research process that gives rise to the development of BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE, a ground-breaking surface inspired by biochemical processes occurring in nature. By adding calcium and phosphorus, elements found in our body, it was possible to create a surface that speeds up bone-implant interaction.

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Biomimetic properties


Treating the surface provides macroroughness and microporosity, and by adding calcium and phosphorus, the surface obtains fully biomimetic properties.


The results obtained while determining the contact angle clearly demonstrate that the implant surface is hydrophilic in behavior. The consequence of this is improved integration between the implant and the biological environment, thus aiding osseointegration.


Scientific studies and clinical evidence confirm the success of the BIOMIMETIC surface treatment. The topography of the implant surface facilitates both the migration of bone cells and osteogenesis.



Biomimetic CORAL


The first implant system developed by AVINENT. After years in the market, they have proven to be very predictable and highly reliable.

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Biomimetic OCEAN


A new range that conserves the innovative characteristics of the CORAL implant and introduces new concepts to respond to new surgical and prosthodontic needs.

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Biomimetic PEARL


The mini implants system. An innovative product, a quality option among the range of solutions for removable and minimally invasive prostheses.

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Früh Sterilisation

Complete peace of mind

During the final part of the quality control process and cleaning in the white room of AVINENT BIOMIMETIC system implants and abutments, Früh handles the last part of the process prior to the final control.

Früh is a medical corporation with headquarters in Switzerland, which is responsible for the end product packaging and sterilisation process. The sterilisation uses gamma rays, the most potent sterilisation method available in the market.

By using a connective tissue graft technique, during the implant surgery, different advantages can be achieved such as a suitable thickness and colour of the soft tissue, a fast adaptation of the tissues, a positive tissue architecture, a functionality and aesthetics vital, above all, in the front section.

Dr. Mario Alvarado

Connective tissue graft to increase the volume of soft tissues. Clinical Indications

"Biomimetic Pearl system allows this type of clinical case to be treated quickly, with a lower surgical risk and fewer post-operative complications, allowing the patient to recover a certain level of function on the same day as the surgery. Current good behaviour of the mini-implants, of a diameter of less than 3 mm, which allows them to be used clinically to fix removable dentures with stability in the long term."

Dr. Carles Subirà

Minimally invasive overdenture on reduced-diameter Biomimetic Pearl implants

Immediate loading has now become an increasingly commonplace surgical technique with high demand in our clinics, and can provide the patient with increased comfort, aesthetics and harmony on the very same day as the implant treatment.

Immediate loading of the anterior sector - From provisional to final restoration

The wide range of AVINENT prosthetic attachments allows us to perform optimal restorations, achieving a good functional and aesthetic result with an excellent level of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Javier Herce

Post-extraction Biomimetic Ocean implants with immediate loading of temporary prosthesis

Implant maintenance; the key to success

Among the types of prostheses available today, hybrids are an implant restoration option that can help patients have a fixed denture and restore their oral function, as well as offering an acceptable esthetic at a reasonable price.  

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Full implant-supported restoration using AURORA system

The main advantages of the guided surgery system are the reduction of surgical time and a minimal invasion, which means a better postoperative period

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Guided surgery – case of a fully edentulous patient

six “Hacks” to simplify the process of treating the edentulous arch with the fixed full arch implant restoration technique.

Dr. Frederick Li

Six Hacks for your next Fixed Full Arch Case

Transepithelial or transmucosal abutments may be key to maintaining peri-implant health.

Dr. Ricardo Medina

Restoration of upper and lower jaws with CAD-CAM milled structure

Treatment in the anterior esthetic zone is particularly challenging. The use of immediate temporary abutments makes it possible to reproduce the interproximal spaces and to satisfactorily shape the peri-implant soft tissue.  

Dr. Mallebrera & Sr. Juan José Sempere

Immediate post-extraction Biomimetic Coral IC implant placement in the anterior esthetic zone

With the appearance of intraoral scanners, soft tissue and teeth information (.stl) can be overlaid with high precision on the hard tissue information provided by CAT (DICOM).

Dr. Jesús Isidro

Advantages of guided surgery based on DICOM and STL in daily practice

Our commitment to the patient is to be able to compensate for the loss of hard and soft tissue so that 3D positioning of the implant is correct, the hygiene and esthetics of the implant-supported crown is optimal and the reliability of our treatment is not compromised in the long term.

Dr. Daniel Capitán Maraver & Dr. Manuel Fuentes Ortiz

Creating emergence profiles in immediate implant dentistry

Artificial pink gum can provide a simple treatment in this kind of case, eliminating the need for complex invasive guided regeneration surgery.

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Prosthetically guided implants in the anterior region. White and pink esthetics

The use of healing abutments during the treatment enables us to preserve the tissue architecture, reduce the treatment time and provide a good esthetic result.

Dr. Ricardo Medina

Post-Extraction BIOMIMETIC OCEAN CC implant with PEEK healing abutment

One of the most important advantages of Rhein’83® attachments is their ability to compensate for disparallelisms between implants of up to 30°, which is better than that offered by other similar systems. This is particularly useful in treating edentulous jaws.

Dr. Carles Subirà

Restoration of an edentulous jaw with an overdenture supported on four implants by means of RHEIN’83® precision attachments: a case study.

Certain vertical defects in esthetic sectors can be corrected using prosthetic restorations without complex surgery or guided regeneration techniques.

Dr. Pep Serra y Dr. Albert Castro

Digital restorative dentistry and pink esthetics

Patient information and disease prevention by means of good plaque control and periodontal check-ups are essential to ensure the succes of an implant treatment. 

Dra. Meritxell Losada Martínez

Maintenance of dental implants

One of the key factors for success is optimal three-dimensional placement of the implant with maximal preservation of surrounding tissue.

Dr. Ivan Mendoza

Anterior implants and immediate aesthetic restoration: a challenge for clinicians

Planning of immediate implants with guided surgery (3Shape Implant Studio™) on 32 and 42 after extraction of 32, 41, and 42, and preparation of an immediate 32-31-41-42 prosthesis previously designed from the initial digital impression (3Shape Trios™)

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Guided surgery with CAD-CAM immediate provisionalization


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