AVIVENT has a wide range of prosthetic accessories, fully versatile high precision components, compatible with the CORAL, OCEAN, and PEARL systems, and which offer an unbeatable fit. This new range provides new market solutions and is designed to make dental work easier.


Traditional solutions

Select the best option for your prosthetic restoration. AVINENT has designed numerous accessories to resolve your cases, whether using cemented, screwed, or overdenture prosthesis. Similarly, they have suitable prosthetic components available to take good impression copings. All these solutions were designed with the standard implant connection in mind.


Un sistema protésico 100% calidad

AVINENT cuida todos los aspectos que hacen referencia a la calidad, desde los procesos de fabricación, pasando por la seguridad y funcionalidad del producto, hasta instalaciones o la normativa específica para cada país. Así, cuando un producto AVINENT llega a una clínica, laboratorio u hospital de cualquier punto del mundo, su garantía de calidad se mantiene intacta.

Impression coping

For an open or covered tray. You can find anodised screws based on the platform being used in the accessories range for internal or tapered connections.

Prosthetic Restoration

Depending on the implant connection, AVINENT has an extensive catalogue of prosthetic components that meet every specialist’s need, such as cemented and screwed prostheses.


  • Essential for a correct restoration on implants.


  • Tapered, straight, and angled titanium abutments.


  • Hexagonal and cylindrical castable
  • Gold and CoCr base castable
  • Provisionals made from titanium and PEEK.

The transepithelial system

Its two major characteristics are its capacity to set the implant insertion axis on the surface and correct its angle. AVINENT has titanium TRANSEPITHELIAL ABUTMENTS for single and multiple cases with different heights and angles (17º, 24º, 30º).

Every AVINENT transepithelial abutment is carried by holders to make placing easier.


AVINENT provides every component required for overdenture renovation. As we collaborate with leading companies in the sector, we have the RT-x Locator System and the Rhein System, so you can choose to use the one that best meets your needs.

Constellation® System

An extensive catalogue of digital components

Constellation® System

With the CONSTELLATION system, we introduce our extensive portfolio of CAD CAM digital components, manufactured using high precision technology and the total assurance derived from a fully controlled production process. This means that we are capable of handing the entire scanning, design, and manufacturing process for prosthetic structures based on every available digital system.

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