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Avinent's surgical phase has a wide range of Titanium and PEEK attachments that allow guided soft tissue healing. Depending on the connection you can choose standard, anatomical or esthetic healing abutments.

Abutments and connections


Avinent’s Healing abutments are designed to do at least damage as possible to soft tissues and to create ideal emergence profiles based on the definitive type of prosthesis.

Straight healing abutments

A simple and functional component that helps the healing period of Avinent implants and ensures a correct final surgical phase without complications and mishaps.

  • Available for the CORAL and OCEAN implants with EC connection (External Connection), the ICEBERG implant with CC.I connection (Conical Connection Iceberg) and the mini implant PEARL.

Anatomical Titanium Healing Abutments

The Anatomical Titanium Abutments have a more pronounced emergence profile that allows the tissue to conform to each clinical case. The perfect fit between implant and prosthesis.

  • Available for CORAL and OCEAN implants in all their connections, and the ICEBERG implant with CC.I connection.
  • Available for single and multiple works.

PEEK Anatomical Healing Abutments

The PEEK Anatomic Abutments are also designed to conform the tissue and adapt to the clinical preferences.

  • Available for CORAL and OCEAN implants in all their connections, and the ICEBERG implant with CC.I connection.
  • Available for single and multiple works.

Esthetic healing abutments

Esthetic and functional healing abutment that assists in the healing period of the Avinent CORAL and OCEAN implant to ensure a result that respects the soft tissues as much as possible.

  • Available for CORAL and OCEAN implants with IC connection.

Impression coping

For an open or covered tray. You can find anodised screws based on the platform being used in the accessories range for internal or tapered connections.

The transepithelial System

Its two major characteristics are its capacity to set the implant insertion axis on the surface and correct its angle. Avinent has titanium transepithelial abutments for single and multiple cases with different heights and angles (17º, 24º, 30º).

Every Avinent transepithelial abutment is carried by holders to make placing easier.

Surgical accessories


Avinent designs their solutions to make the work easier and implements accessories that really help the surgical process.

Drill length and marking

Avinent drills come with physical and laser markings to improve visibility during osteotomy, and they have a color code based on implant diameter. A different double mark states that they are for hard bone.


Our micromotors are ergonomically designed, offering convenience of use and significantly reduce tiredness. They offer implantology professionals an everyday use surgical unit for undertaking oral operations safely.

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